February 25, 2011

Rules of a House

  1. The Husband is Boss in this House, and anything the Wife says has to be done!
  2. During the arguments Flying Objects must be kept to a minimum.
  3. No Boots to be worn in Bed.
  4. Last one puts the Cat out ( in our case Dog) ...and locks the Silver away!
  5. No dust to be swept under the Carpets!
  6. Don't complain about the Food - or you'll cook it yourself!
  7. When a Bathroom is engaged ... form a queue in an orderly fashion!
  8. No Smoking in Bed!
  9. Don't Lose your Temper - nobody else wants to find it!
  10. Anyone caught raiding in the Fridge in the middle of the Night ... will be put on washing on duty for several weeks.  
to be continued 

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