March 19, 2017

Motivational stuff, that I should put as a poster in my bedroom.

One day it will all make sense.
The sun, the trees,
And the morning breeze on a long summer day.

Every single thought running through your head
and all the words left unsaid will unravel.

Regrets will fade away,
Decisions will matter no more
and what you thought you fought for,
will laugh right at you.

Stop being silly, YOLO doesn't exist
because living means being free and honey,
You're anything but that.

Society shows you one path, your friends and family the other,
but what about the road your heart wanted you to discover.

Did you forget its beat
while drowning in expectations
of people who are not worthy of your humiliation
Wake up, please.

Don't wait, just go,
Run for those hills,
and once you get to the very edge
spread your wings.
And fly

Because that's what you were made for.

(textul nu imi apartine, dar era atat de frumos, si a reusit sa-mi aduca un zambet cand l-am citit, asa ca nu puteam sa nu il salvez si altundeva in afara sufletelului meu).