August 31, 2010

  • Barbatul e ca un video. Inainte, inapoi, inainte, inapoi, stop si eject. 

  • da' chiar aşa...

    Zece negri mititei au mâncat la cina ouă
    Unul s-a-necat din ei şi-au rămas doar nouă.

    Nouă negri mititei au stat noaptea până-n zori
    Unu-a adormit din ei şi-au ramas doar opt.

    Opt negri mititei au mers la Devon în noapte
    Unul nu s-a-ntors din ei şi-au rămas doar şapte.

    Şapte negri mititei spărgeau lemne lângă casă
    Unul s-a taiat din ei şi-au ramas doar şase.

    Şase negri mititei se jucau cu-albine mici
    Pe unul l-au piscat din ei şi-au rămas doar cinci.

    Sper că ne oprim aici.
    Chiar nu mai vreau să continuie toată povestea asta... îmi ajunge. :) 
    Iar din 10 am rămas doar ... 5. 
    Cinci negri mititei indrăgeau legea, nu teatrul
    Unul s-a facut jurist şi-au rămas doar patru.

    Patru negri mititei merg la mare, draguţeii
    Unu fu-necat din ei şi-au rămas doar trei.

    Trei negri mititei merg la zoo-n papuci noi
    Pe unu ursul l-a mancat şi-au ramas doar doi.

    Doi negri mititei făceau plajă ca nebunii
    Unu s-a prajit din ei şi-a ramas doar unul.

    Un negru mititel traia singur-singurel
    Intr-o zi s-a spânzurat si n-a mai ramas nici el

    August 19, 2010


    Cretinule, idiotule, prostule . . . ÎNTOARCE-TE!!!

    August 15, 2010

    The full moon is blamed for...

    For what? It was Friday 13th, it was a full moon night. I’m terrified. I don’t like nights, loneliness, cemeteries, graves, and all the people who teach me how to live or survive. (Much to do about nothing)
              I’m alone and I run  away… I don’t understand if I run from myself or from the whole world. I see the light, is it the light of my rescue?
    “Look, a door!”  With whom am I speaking? I’m all by myself  
               I opened the door. In front of me there is a witch… she’s young and beautiful (not like the witches I’ve seen before) A real lady in black… black haired girl with black dress and black nails. I hope she won’t see me. I want to follow her. Her smile has something special, when she smiles at you it’s like someone kills you immediately and painfully.
              In her cold hand she keeps a mouse, she blows on it and it turns into a vampire. Oh, this vampire is gorgeous and he is her creation. Something strange happens there, but I still don’t have the courage to enter in their room.
              Lilith looked him in the eyes and started to pray Him for  forgiveness.
    “Please, you know that wasn’t my fault. I loved you, Vlad”
    “And you left me, I waited you for hundred of years, you left me. Now I’m going to kill you, like you killed me a long time ago.”
    “But I changed you back, now we can be together ‘till the end”
    “I don’t want it anymore. Expect  your death, I promise it will come soon, Lilith”
    “Please, no. Give me another chance”
              She gave him to taste some red wine.
    “This is blood”
    “I know you missed this taste. Remember when you drank from me, I was yours.”
    “Your blood …no I don’t want to remember it again.”
              Lilith says something to Vlad. I hear some voices. She’s sly; I can see  it her eyes and her demonical smile. This won’t end happily ,I feel it.
              Damn, Vlad felt me. He opened the door and saw me. He came closer and closer, touched my neck and said to his friend:
    “Look, Lilith, this is real blood”
              After that, he looked again in my eyes, I was afraid; I was scared about the idea of death. I didn’t know what to do… He kissed my neck.
    “Your blood …for me”
              I was completely stiffed. He opened his mouth and I felt  his fangs  thrusting in my neck. (a real vampire bite). I had closed my eyes I imagined that he’s only a nightmare…impossible. I opened my eyes I was still there, near him, and he was looking at me with his big brown eyes. I  was still hoping that it’s only a nightmare. I heard his laughter. Suddenly he disappeared. I didn’t understand what happened. I looked down and I saw his heart. Vlad’s heart. What have I done? I saw the dagger in my hand but I know I couldn’t kill him. That’s impossible.
    “I poisoned him”
    Oh, so Lilith killed him.
    “He was so useless. He couldn’t kill you, a human creature. But I’ll miss him.”
    “Why do you want to see my death?”
    “This was our plan. If he would’ve killed you, he wouldn’t have fell in love with you. But now, he’s dead so you’ll die by my hand”
    “Life isn’t a bed of roses, sweetie. You have to die.”
              Lilith took my hand and tried to thrust a knife in my palm. It wasn’t painful like I thought. Some kind of legend was written in my palm. I wish I never knew the truth. It hurts. I started crying, I wish Vlad would’ve killed me.
              I was  terrified! Where is Lilith? I still hear Vlad’s voice “Your blood… for me”. I went to the window and I saw the moon… it showed me her smile (like Lilith’s smile) and it cries to be heard …”Your blood … for me…”

    August 9, 2010

    e furtună, dar tot îmi vine să plâng mai tare
    stăteam şi îl îmbrătişam şi mă gândeam la (el)
    Cand eu vreau, e deja mult prea deobicei.
    5am, am adormit şi eu. 
    (e pentru ieri) 

    August 1, 2010


    If I were a month, I would be September. 
    If I were a day of the week, I would be Wednesday 
    If I were a time of day, I would be morning.
    If I were a sea animal, I would be a dolphin.
    If I were a direction, I would be right 
    If I were a virtue, I would be sincerity
    If I were a historical figure I would be Marie Antoinette
    If I were a planet, I would be Venus
    If I were a liquid, I would be water.
    If I were a stone, I would be amethyst
    If I were a bird, I would be colibri.

    If I were a flower/plant, I would be a lilly of the valley or a tulip 
    If I were a kind of weather, I would be rain
    If I were a musical instrument, I would be piano

    If I were an emotion, I would be happiness
    If I were a sound, I would a catwaul?
    If I were an element, I would be fire

    If I were a song, I would be "Love you till the end" by The Pogues
    If I were a movie, I would be "My sister's keeper"
    If I were a tv-series, I would be "The Vampire Diaries"
    If I were a book, I would be "Suflete pereche" 
    If I were a fictional character, I would be Kate Winslet

    If I were a food, I would be pancakes
    If I were a city, I would be Viena
    If I were a taste, I would be sour.
    If I were a scent, I would be I Love Mystery (dzintars)
    If I were a colour, I would be green
    If I were a fabric, I would be a paper fabric.

    If I were a word, I would be change
    If I were a body part, I would be neck
    If I were a facial expression, I would be a smile.
    If I were a subject in school, I would be biology.
    If I were a cartoon character, I would be Will [from Witch :))]
    If I were a shape, I would be  oval
    If I were a number, I would be
    If I were a car, I would be Audi A8.
    If I were an item of clothing, I would be a dress.:)

    Helen, mai vrei o leapsa?:)